Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swimming in a New Pool (Or Is It An Old One?)

Today I did something I recommend everyone do at least once in their lives. I went swimming in a pool where no one expected me to swim. I'm not speaking literally, of course. I swam in the professional acting pool. I shot a TV spot for an Internet Parental Control Software. That's right -- while none of you were looking, I got inspired (by Liv Ullmann, initially, and then by watching Ken Weinstein living his dream as a music publicist, and finally by the positive way my wife encourages me in life). I went out and found a listing for something, emailed, along with a pretty bad photo of myself, got called in, got called back, and shot the commercial. And guess what: I'm going to get headshots done. And down the road I may even get an agent! So what's an educator doing swimming in these waters? I'm having fun, that's what. Find those waters for yourself. And then dive in.

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