Monday, April 11, 2011


So what’s up, No confetti? Nobody jumping out of any cakes?

Not even an automated email, congratulating me on the accomplishment?

You may think it’s no big whoop,, but to my mind 100 posts is a pretty major milestone. And there’s been some good stuff put up on the old Navelgazer site, too, my friends. I mean sure, not all of it is Joseph Mitchell, but there have been a number of musings that make me pretty proud.

Look at how far I’ve come, You remind me of it yourself, each and every time I log on. In 2009, when we first met, I posted three measly entries. In 2010, our first full year together, I managed 11.

Now, in 2011, my love for you has blossomed into a daily habit. I have not missed a day of togetherness, having posted all 100 days of the calendar year thus far.

That’s a big deal, There are actual human beings out there with whom I haven’t been able to maintain a relationship this long or this consistently.

So I ask you again, What’s up? Where is the love?

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