Monday, April 4, 2011

Boys Day Out: The Luxury of Lifetime Fitness

I spent some good “Quality Time” with the boys yesterday. Jeanette left in the late morning, in hopes of making an 11:30 Yoga class – the idea being that Diego, Jackson and I would then join her at the gym later on. She never made the class, but I decided to go on ahead over to Lifetime Fitness anyway, since I’d already sold the boys on the idea.

Our first stop was shooting hoops, which is a bit of a wild free-for-all with people their age. These guys don’t limit themselves to basketballs; in fact, due to their weight and size, volleyballs and soccer balls seems to suit them better. Their moves to the basket are quick and darting and don’t limit themselves to dribbling, or any of the other rules of basketball, for that matter. I have to be a little careful about yelling “heads up!” when I shoot, as they are a little oblivious to what else is happening around them.

We then made our way over to the rock climbing room, which I described in yesterday’s post. As I said there, both boys are now adept at most of the courses – there are about six available to the general public and a few that appear to be restricted to only the most advanced climbers. Yesterday I had the boys battling each other in races up the wall, and Jackson won 2 out of 3. To his credit, Diego was able to put what we taught him about congratulating your opponent to good use, and said, albeit reluctantly, “Good job” when it was all over.

Jackson was, of course, all smiles.

From rock climbing we made our way into the locker room to get dressed for swimming. They still get a little giggly in there, seeing all those hairy strangers out there “in the wind,” as it were.

Diego chose not to swim this time and sat by the pool, contentedly playing a game on my Blackberry, as Jackson enjoyed splashing and swimming with his dad. Lifetime Fitness is a luxury that costs money, so we have cut off our membership in the past and will likely do so again. But it is a beneficial luxury. Its where both our children learned how to swim and where J and I have been able to come, together or separately, to seek out fitness (working out) and relaxation (Jacuzzi, massage), and Lord knows I will miss all that.

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