Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting to a Point of Wellness

I had my first acupuncture treatment yesterday with the woman J has been seeing. Austin Family Acupuncture is only a quick 5 minute drive from where I work, so I was able to run over for a long lunch hour.

The acupuncturist, Naae, (pronounced “Nigh”) is knowledgeable and has a calm and calming presence. She put me at ease immediately, which made it easy for me to answer her questions about the state of my mind and body.

I tried acupuncture for the first time as part of my treatment for my lower back. This would have been some time in the mid-1990’s. I can’t remember if I did only one session or more, but I do recall having the sense that it didn’t do much of anything.

This time, I am doing it more as a way to treat this sinus condition – not in lieu of, but in addition to, traditional “Western” treatment. And this time, unlike the last, I felt relief almost immediately. The needles she placed on my face opened up my sinuses. My daily headache faded away, and I fell asleep.

I will see her again on Monday afternoon at 4 to follow up and get another treatment, before going in for surgery on the sinuses on Thursday.

She did also tell me something else that will be helpful: By going out and riding my bike without eating anything first, I’ve been defeating the purpose of trying to lose weight. Apparently, because I’m going out with lowered blood sugar, my body is pumping enzymes that become sugar and then bubbling FAT. From now on, I plan to eat a banana before going out on the bike.

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