Thursday, July 21, 2011

And Speaking of That Familiar Face...

I couldn’t let this date, July 21, 2011 go by without recalling the picture you see here. It was taken nine years ago on this date, when Jeanette Reyes and I gathered with friends and family to celebrate our vows at the Picnic House, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Technically/legally, we’d already been married for nearly seven months, having done so before the Justice of the Peace at the Bronx Courthouse on Jeanette’s birthday, January 25, 2002. We think of the July date as our “real” anniversary, because that was when we were able to have the party, to really enjoy the moment, with dancing, toasts, catered Latin food, coconut cake from one of our favorite local restaurants, and more dancing.

A lot of pictures were taken that day – especially by my brother-in-law, who is the family shutter-bug. The one here is my favorite. It may not be the most perfect, from a composition standpoint, and we have pictures in which we both look better.

But I just love what it captures. The two of us are sharing a dance, a private moment, as if we’re wondering together what the future will hold. We had no idea, of course. We didn’t know we’d have our first son just less than ten months later, and our second two years after that. We had no clue we’d pick up and move nearly two thousand miles away to Austin, Texas in another four.

Life has been a series of welcome surprises – one big adventure – since that day, pictured here, back in 2002.

Happy anniversary, Jenny. I wonder where we’ll be in another nine years, on July 21, 2020.

To be continued….

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