Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Et tu, CNN?

In yet another hotel room, after a poor sleep due to a lack of familiarity, I sit at a little desk, my early-morning CNN droning at me. The over-caffeinated jackals who host “American Morning” are doing their best to rouse me.

Their top “news” stories are both about men behaving badly – Arnold Schwarzenegger had a child with a “household staff member” and the head of the International Monetary Fund tried to rape a hotel maid.

I remember back when Bernard Shaw was the anchor of CNN’s Headline News, back in the early days of the network’s rise to fame. He was the face and voice of CNN, stern, somber and serious. He had what is called “gravitas.”

I don’t know what ever became of Mr. Shaw, but I can’t help but wonder, as I watch CNN’s new-look tripe, which feels a lot like everyone else’s tripe, what he would have thought of this. Sure, they’re proud of Anderson Cooper. And Wolf Blitzer still remains -- a vestige of the Shaw era. I doubt Bernie’s opinion would matter one way or another, as they are obviously taking their cues from so-called “media experts.”

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