Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Blog Won't Become "Marley and Me," I Promise...

... but that being said...

It's official: we are now a family of five. Our newest member, Ally, joined us yesterday evening when I signed the adoption papers at the Town Lake Animal Center.

This morning has gone pretty much as I predicted it would, with a walk, and now with me sitting at my writing table in my home office, Ally lying down at my feet.

I went back to the shelter yesterday after work and filled out Ally's paperwork, before they walked her slowly out to me. I had the Corolla cooling and she calmly hopped right in and got comfortable as I made my way onto I35 for the trafficky ride northeast to Manor.

I've been watching her closely ever since, and she's a bit groggy -- not quite the same animal she was before her spay surgery earlier in the day. On medication, she's a little bit out of it and low energy. What I see so far is a loyal, friendly dog who is highly obedient and in need of love.

Every once in a while yesterday evening I would catch J. grinning at me. "You're so happy," she said more than once. And the fact is she's right. I'm right there with Jackson, overjoyed that Ally is with us.

J. also pointed out that Ally knew me, or seemed to, and that she perked up and wagged her tail whenever she saw me. This is obviously flattering for me, despite all that's been said about being loved by dogs who are, by nature, "love machines," as opposed to being loved by cats, say, who are much more selective.

It may be that she associates me with her newly found freedom, or perhaps I'm an animal person and she can sense it. Whatever the case may be, Ally has clearly decided she's my dog, which is just fine by me.

I'm a little concerned about leaving her alone today and she'll need to be in her crate. Otherwise, I'm afraid we may come home to a chewed-up house. Also, I'm a little worried that she'll chew at her surgery site while left alone in her cage.

Last night, Ally sought out the comforting sound of Diego's snoring, and I found her sleeping in between the two boys' beds when I got up this morning at around five. I took her out in the back yard, then for a short walk over to the trails. Her walks need to be short these first ten days after her surgery. I really enjoyed walking her, and it's going to be a nice new routine for me. I'll miss riding my bike, but I can maybe do that at other times of the day, especially now that the weather is going to start cooling down. (Please, oh please.) Maybe I could find time to do my bike ride, and walk Ally.


  1. Glad to hear you've joined us in this new world of dog lovers . Have fun and enjoy . Love skipper

  2. Ally is adorable! You are now the perfect all-american family :-)

  3. Thanks, Joan. (Just call me Ward Cleaver!)

  4. I'm sure she did love you immediately and automatically. After all, they don't call it "rescue" for nothing. I could not have a life without dogs. Whatever the reason for it, that love is sweet, uncomplicated and always mutual. I'm very glad for you and your family